Draft Horse Competition and Display


Draft horses will be on display at the Campbell County Heritage Festival to be held on Saturday, August 1 at the Community Park and William Campbell High School.


There will be six teams of draft horses competing in the log obstacle course, the wagon obstacle course, and in different hitch combinations.  The draft horses are very large animals which were developed as a warhorse many years ago. The common brood that will be seen at the festival will be the Percherons and the Belgians.  These are very adaptable breeds and are very popular for work, show, pleasure, and under saddle.


The draft horse teams that will be participating in the events are teams that competed in the World Draft Horse Conference.  The Conference was held in Springfield, MASS. this past year with several of the teams placing in the top ten teams.  There were 17 teams qualified from the state of Virginia for the World Conference and you will see six of these teams at the Campbell County Heritage Festival on August 1, 2015 .


 Just a side note as well, Marshall Cofer, a draft horse team master drove his team of horses at the Appomattox Surrender Grounds on July 14, 2014 for the filming of a scene in a Civil War Documentary.


Not only will you view these teams competing you will be able to have a wagon ride by several of the teams later in the festival.  One of the wagons was purchased from Dolly Parton and will be driven by Rusty Adkins team.


Marshall Cofer, who has been a trainer of horses for many years, says, “We, the Bedford Gang, just want to pass on the information to our younger generation, so that it will not be lost!”


We’ll see YOU at the Draft Horse event which is scheduled  throughout the day on August 1st!  

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