New Attractions-2015

The Campbell County Heritage Festival welcomes Jim Bordwine, a salt maker and reenactor from Saltville, Virginia! Mr. Bordwine will demonstrate using brine from wells and the boiling process in addition to discussing the history of salt and displaying his private collection of mammoth and mastodon teeth and bones found here in Virginia.


Let’s give a warm welcome to Mr. Thomas Tucker, also known as the “Travelin’ Woodwright” to the 2015 Heritage Festival! Mr. Tucker, pictured above, will demonstrate the craft of woodworking from the 1700 and 1800’s! Tucker will demonstrate how intricate pieces of woodwork were made using a simple woodturning lathe he handcrafted himself. Thomas Tucker has been demonstrating traditional woodworking for over 25 years.  “I demonstrate at 15 events and school programs throughout the year.  I want the people to smell the wood and feel the tools as I try to present to the viewing public a small snapshot of the effort it took to survive in early America,” Tucker said.


The Heritage Festival Committee would also like to recognize “The Singin’ Cowgirl” as a new performer this year! Rebecca F. Bryant is The Singing Cowgirl who loves playing the Autoharp and singing the old cowboy, country, and gospel songs! A Virginia native, she is married to a retired professional Bullrider of the PRCA, and is a founding member of three Cowboy Fast Draw Clubs in VA - where she has been Top Gun, Club and Event Champion in the Women's Division. She sings at numerous churches, festivals, and various cowboy gatherings - like the National Day of the Cowboy in Victoria.


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